At the beginning of the last century every self-respecting cinema had its own (small) orchestra to accompany the movie(s) shown and to provide musical intermission. These ensembles were assembled by pianist or organist who also acted as the ensembles leader. These musicians were held in high regard as they were first-class musicians, accomplished in several instruments with expert improvisational skills.Maud Nelissen has assembled five outstanding musicians around her out of her inspiration for this musical tradition. These six musicians form The Sprockets. The music they perform is composed and arranged by Maud for specific movies and shows. She anticipates every situation and every character on the screen with a fitting or fittingly ironic sound whereby the expressiveness or eloquence of the scene is underscored. The Sprockets have touched the public through their enthusiasm and virtuoso performances in past seasons. Their performances are celebrations for young and old alike.

The Sprockets are : Daphne Balvers – Soprano Saxophone, Frido ter Beek – Alto & Baritone Saxophone/Compositions, Marco Ludemann – Banjo/Mandoline/Guitar, Jasper Somsen – Double Bass, Rombout Stoffers -Percussion/Effects/Accordion and Maud Nelissen – Piano/Compositions & Arrangements.